Tom Montagliano

Spatial Sound Artist

Rubin Museum: Sound Meditation w/ David Ellenbogen and Josh Peck
7:00 pm19:00

Rubin Museum: Sound Meditation w/ David Ellenbogen and Josh Peck

  • Rubin Museum

Acoustic Mandala Project returns to the Rubin Museum of Art with an immersive sound meditation experience. Traditional sound meditation instruments will be used in concert with a bespoke eight-channel spatial sound system, exploring acoustic and electro-acoustic layers and textures of sound and their properties in space.

OM or Aum is the primal vibration from which all other vibrations are believed to emerge, including all light, sound, and physical matter.In the field of acoustics, vibrations of vibrations are called overtones, and these resonances are based on simple natural ratios. For example, doubling a sound wave’s frequency creates a note one octave higher. This tuning system has fallen out of favor in western music since the 17th century’s advent of Equal Temperament, which uses scales that don’t conform to the natural overtones of nature.

Acoustic Mandala Project creates soundscapes based on these original primal vibrations, which can facilitate a transformative and healing experience. In the context of a sound meditation, participants lie down on yoga mats and don eye masks, while the facilitators utilize gongs, Tibetan bowls, bamboo flutes, overtone singing, and other instruments to create an immersive sound experience.

Tickets: $30.00

Member Tickets: $27.00

Ecstatic Dance NYC ★ [Clever Alias] ★ October Edition
6:30 pm18:30

Ecstatic Dance NYC ★ [Clever Alias] ★ October Edition

  • Union Square Ballroom

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Dance Family,

Ecstatic Dance will gather on October 12th at Union Sq Ballroom for a very special evening of Movement, Music, and Community. There will be a warm up - movement based class, there will be DJ's taking us on a transformative dance journey, there will be an elixir lounge + high vibe food, and there will hopefully be YOU!

Doors open at 6:30p

Warmup from 7-8p with Nessa Norich

DJ Journey from 8-11 featuring the original founder of Ecstatic Dance NYC:

[Clever Alias]

To listen to one of his mixes:

11p-11:20p - a 360 Sound Bath experience with Tom Montagliano

Where: Union Sq Ballroom - 27 Union Sq West - New York, NY

Energy Exchange: $15 early byrd, $20 second tier, $25 night of.

Tickets link: TBA

About Ecstatic Dance:

Ecstatic Dance NYC gathers for a transformative, electronic music journey, mixed and selected with intention. Move however you wish, in a container for conscious dance and free form movement. No booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional. Amazing music helps us keep it all about dance!

This is a substance free event.

Move However You Wish / Respect Each Other and Our Space
Help us keep this a leave no trace event/leave a positive trace event and bring your own cup/water bottle for water and/or other high vibe beverages!

Brooklyn, NY: Silent Barn
4:00 pm16:00

Brooklyn, NY: Silent Barn

  • Silent Barn


a celebration of crossing wires


Gen Ken conducts Conrad Schnitzler's Cassette CONcert
Sean Julian + Chris Penalosa
Tom Montagliano

all afternoon: interstitial sound by Tom Montagliano, in quad

EVENING, INDOORS (7:30-midnight):

Silent Isle + Lazurite
Ryan Soper + Lutkie
Passive Tones

all evening: Casas DJ & video synthesis by Corey Bauer

this is also a send-off party for Anastasia before she moves to Oakland, CA.
more details & exact schedule to be posted week-of!

Saturday, July 23
Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave
$10-15 sliding scale

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Upcoming events:

Keansburg, NJ: Gratitude Migration
Jul 17

Keansburg, NJ: Gratitude Migration

  • hELLO Beach

You’re invited to enter a world where life becomes art and dreams become reality, set on an idyllic, undiscovered beach remarkably close to New York City. A seaside oasis where dreams turn into reality, with others who share the same vision of creativity, culture and connection. A gathering of open-minded spirits communing in music, dance, art, performance, technology, environmentalism, yoga, spirituality, family, and… connection. 

I will be setting up an Immersive Sound Bath for the weekend.

For more information and to buy tickets go to:

Immersive Sound Bath: Collab with Jenn Grossman
8:00 pm20:00

Immersive Sound Bath: Collab with Jenn Grossman

  • Daya Yoga

This experience will bring listeners on a journey inward through ambient soundscapes designed for 8-channels. As sound has been used for healing purposes since ancient times, this sound bath will use recorded sound and electronic music rather than traditional ancient instruments like gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks.

Seated amidst a circle of speakers, participants will be able to absorb sonic vibrations from multiple directions, allowing the mind to wander towards a states of reflection, meditation and creativity and the body to be fully immersed within a relaxed environment.